me in El Nido, Philippines

me in El Nido, Philippines

My name is Adam Liss. I'm a Chicago native, professional poker player, and world traveler.  I love picking a new place, booking a ticket, and exploring and taking photos. After a few years of fairly extensive traveling I decided to make this website to provide a bit of running commentary on the places I visit, but mostly to share my photos. The goal of my travel photography isn't just to take nice shots of the places I visit, it's to try and capture the people and feelings as I'm experiencing it at that certain point in time. Africa is my next place to check out. Well I hope you will enjoy a view of the world through my lens!

Damn, thats corny. I'll let you know when I think of something better. 

Anyway I'll try and keep this site as up date as possible. You can find out where I'm at below.