Tribute to my backpack


Well now that is more than likely I’ll never see my big backpack again I’d like to dedicate this post to it: my Granite Gear Viga ultralight, a true beast of a backpack. This thing has been through everything you can think of for the last 7 years. It’s been through 20 something countries, numerous backcountry excursions, it’s been up to 5,500 meters and sub zero temperatures in the Himalayas, it’s been thoroughly sweated through hiking in the jungle, It’s been completely caked in dust, shat on by birds, soaked by saltwater on little dinghies, tossed around to no end and used as pillow or chair countless times. Hell, it was even used as a landing pad when we flipped a motorbike going up a crazy incline in Indonesia. 

Of course it wasn’t in as good shape as it used to be, it was gnawed by rats in Malaysia, had a buckle snapped off by a hurried taxi driver in India, and the drawstring to cinch it shut was lost somewhere in the Philippines. But none of that stopped it from being a champion. The suspension in the shoulders was still good despite me packing much more than the recommended weight when I was traveling. You’d think after all this wear and tear the seams would start ripping somewhere, but it never happened, which is a testament to its extremely simple and efficient design.  

Who knows how long I could have kept going with this pack if god damn Hainan airways wouldn’t have misdirected it to Kazikistan or god knows where. Well anyway, it was a good ride. Also props to my tarptent, coleman synthetic down sleepingback, and my pocket rocket stove, which I bought all at the same time, and are now also in Turkbekistan presumably. Anyway, looks like I’ll be traveling light this trip! So long my sweet prince.